Internet Explorer 9 Features

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Internet Explorer 9 :

Internet Explorer 9, the anticipated web browser from Microsoft which was released in mid of March 2011, has become one of the most successful version of Internet Explorer. Internet Explorer 9 is designed to bring sites front and center through Windows 7, enabling a more immersive, more beautiful Web experience.

Some Features of Internet Explorer 9  :
  • From the New Tab page you can also reopen closed tabs, reopen your last browser session, or start InPrivate Browsing
  • IE 9 Includes a cross-site scripting (XSS) filter that can detect Cross-site scripting attacks
  • Sub-system enhancements like Chakra, the new JavaScript engine.
  • Full hardware acceleration for text, graphics, and video to provide a rich web experience 
  • Integrated way for you to access, monitor, and interact with the files you download
  • Automatic notification when add-ons slow browser performance 
  • Fully hardware-accelerated HTML5 for rich web experiences
  • Combined search and Address bar for easy searching or surfing
  • Unobtrusive, informative messages that don’t interrupt your browsing
  • Simplified browsing using fewer controls 
  • Increased viewing area of webpage 
  • Enhanced tab experience with Tear-off tabs and Aero Snap 
  • Quick navigation to favorite sites from the Windows 7 task bar 
  • Resumes incomplete downloads after restarting 
  • Provides a single location to monitor and interact with the files you download 
  • Helps you monitor and manage your add-ons 
  • Tab recovery with messaging and prompting in the Notification Bar 
  • The shorter, streamlined installation of Internet Explorer 9 is faster than previous versions.

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