MicroVision SHOWWX+ HDMI with RIM pico projector

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Stop crowding around that 3-10 inch screen. Get a bigger screen
experience from your HDMI-equipped smartphone, tablet or
laptop with the MicroVision SHOWWX+™ HDMI laser pocket
projector which is the first pico projector for Research In Motion (RIM) customers.

Always on the move? Only have a few minutes with a client? SHOWWX+ HDMI lets you spontaneously create a bigger display to share ideas, collaborate and present business analytics, videos, and other work-related content with plug-and-play simplicity.

After work, it’s ready for play. Enjoy movies, photos, streaming videos, and games on a big, bright screen up to 8 feet wide*.

+ Always in focus
+ Fits in your pocket
+ Widescreen resolution
+ Connect and project in seconds
+ HDMI digital connectivity
+ Bright, vivid colors
+ HDCP compliant

Compatible with Apple® and HDMI-enabled devices**:

+ Smartphones such as iPhone®, Nokia and Android™***
+ Apple iPad®, iPad 2, BlackBerry® PlayBook™ and Windows® 7 tablets
+ Laptops, notebooks and netbooks
+ Digital cameras and camcorders


Resolution:  WVGA (848 × 480)
HDMI Output:  Optimized video display up to 480p
Brightness:  15 lumens
Aspect Ratio:  16:9 Widescreen
Contrast Ratio:  5,000:1
Throw ratio:  1:1, image size (diagonal) to projection distance
Image Size:  Up to and over 200 inches (5000 mm)*
Battery:  User replaceable lithium-ion, up to 2 hours
Weight:  117 g (4.1 oz) with battery
Focus Uniformity:  100%
Brightness Uniformity:  90%
Color Uniformity:  90%


Size: 60 (W) × 118 (H) × 14 mm (D) – Small enough to fit in a shirt pocket.
Image Size: 150 - 2500 mm – Break away from your palm-sized screen.
WVGA (848 × 480) – Standard Definition.
2 Hour Battery Life – Enjoy a full-length feature film on one charge.
Infinite Focus – No need to adjust and readjust focus, projects on any surface.
Short Throw Ratio – Enjoy large images in small, confined spaces
4.64 in(118 mm).55 in(14 mm)2.36 in(60 mm).


HDMI: Devices with HDMI port or MHL-HDMI adaptor supporting 480p video out and compatible operating systems**
Video mirroring is supported on select devices***
Component: Apple direct connect component cable – iPhone, iPad, and iPod (TV-Out applications)
RGB VGA: Connects to laptops, netbooks or MacBook® with VGA (SHOWWX™ VGA Dock Adapter sold separately)

* Depending on lighting conditions
** Visit microvision.com/showwx/hdmi/compatibility for Compatibility details. Refer to mobile device user manual for tv/video-out capabilities.
*** Audio output may be compromised or may require the use of external headphones or speakers.

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